Dávid MR antistatic, flame-retardant, chemical-resistant jacket against electric arc with lining and removable sleeves


EN ISO 1149-5:2018
EN ISO 11612:2015 A1+A2, B1, C1, E2, F1
EN ISO 11611:2015 A1+A2, Class 1
EN ISO 13034:2005+A1:2009 PB(6)
EN ISO 13688:2013
CE 1523

EC type-examination certificate number: B-084/2019

Article ID:
Dávid-MR-bk-19-04/1 (with removable sleeves)
Dávid-MR-bk-19-04/2 (with elastic band in the waist)
Dávid-MR-bk-19-04/3 (with hood)
Dávid-MR-bk-19-04/4 (with extended back)

Material composition:
275 gr/m2
35% Modacrylic
25% Viscose (Lenzing FR)
25% Pyron
13% Aramide (Twaron)
2% Antistatic fibre

Material composition of lining:
170 gr/m2
100% Cotton (FR)
170 gr/m2
100% Polyester






Dark Blue

Middle Blue

Charcoal Gray

Olive Green